Vitality Blast 2019 qualification scenario after August 23: What do the teams need to qualify?

Vitality Blast

Vitality Blast 2019 is now on its last legs, with every team having played at least 11 of their 14 matches. As things stand now after the first round following their hiatus, no team in the tournament has secured a place in the quarterfinals, while 17 out of 18 teams are still in the hunt.

North DivisionMWLTNRPNRR
Lancashire Lightning11610416+0.900
Nottinghamshire Outlaws11530313+0.749
Worcestershire Rapids11630212+0.448
Derbyshire Falcons11540212+0.198
Birmingham Bears11351211-0.499
Yorkshire Vikings1124149-0.215
Leicestershire Foxes1135039-0.948
Northamptonshire Steelbacks1125048-0.285

Lancashire Lightning still have a 3-point margin over other sides in the North Division. A win in any of their any of their remaining 3 matches will assure them a spot. Every other team is in the hunt for a quarterfinal spot as well: for example, second-placed Nottinghamshire Outlaws are just 5 points ahead of ninth- (and last-) placed Northamptonshire Steelbacks.

South DivisionMWLTNRPNRR
Sussex Sharks11621215+0.709
Essex Eagles11340410-0.909

Top-ranked Sussex Sharks may be just a solitary point ahead of both Gloucestershire and Kent, but they do have a match in hand. Fourth-placed Middlesex, 2 behind Sussex, are in a position as good. The four teams have as good as broken away from the bottom five, of whom Glamorgan have already been eliminated.