Vitality Blast 2019 qualification scenario after August 24: What do the teams need to qualify?

Vitality Blast

Vitality Blast 2019 is now on its last legs, with every team having played at least 11 of their 14 matches. Whereas at least one team from North Division have cemented a place in quarterfinals, South Division is still open.

North DivisionMWLTNRPNRR
 Lancashire Lightning116104160.9
 Worcestershire Rapids116302140.448
 Notts Outlaws115303130.749
 Derbyshire Falcons12550212-0.107
 Leicestershire Foxes12450311-0.444
 Durham Cricket12460210-0.296
 Yorkshire Vikings1124149-0.215
 Birmingham Bears1135129-0.499
 Northamptonshire Steelbacks1125048-0.285

Lancashire Lightning have already qualified for the quarterfinals with 16 points. Worcestershire Rapids, Notts Outlaws, and Derbyshire Falcons are favorites for the other three spots. However, all the teams in the North Group have mathematical chances to qualify as only six points are separating the second placed Worcestershire from the team at the bottom, Northamptonshire.

South DivisionMWLTNRPNRR
 Sussex Sharks127212170.832
 Kent Spitfires126402140.084
 Essex Eagles11340410-0.909

Apart from Hampshire and Essex Eagles, all teams from South Group have played 12 games so far. Glamorgan have been already eliminated but all the other teams can qualify with at least a couple of matches in hand. Fourth and fifth placed Somerset and Middlesex are just two points behind the second and third placed Gloucestershire and Kent Spitfires. Teams at sixth, seventh, and eighth place have ten points each with fair mathematical chances.